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Travels in the press

"Mary O'Hara's life story is something only the most inspired press agent could ever hope to concoct" - The New York Times

As well as telling her story in her own bestselling books, Mary O'Hara has appeared in the international press many times. Since her earliest singing days in the 1950's and throughout her career, Mary was interviewed, photographed, featured and reviewed in newspapers and magazines around the world. Her life and work has been well-documented and still holds a great fascination. Articles that appeared in print have varied in depth and integrity, occasionally sensationalising her already dramatic story but mostly celebrating and informing others of her work. Several articles written by Mary herself have appeared over the years

Slide show of magazines featuring Mary O'Hara. Click on image to read

Slide show of newspaper articles featuring Mary O'Hara Click on image to read

LEFT: Click on the cuttings to read a selection of concert reviews that appeared in the international press

LEFT: Mary O'Hara's latest book is entitled 'Travels With My Harp - The Complete Autobiography' and was published May 2012 by Shepheard-Walwyn. Click on the book cover (left) for details

SONG: Mary O'Hara performing Úna Bhán (Fair Una), one of Ireland's finest Gaelic love songs. Click on text to see Mary perform the song on a Canadian TV show from 1978

More newspaper articles about Mary O'Hara can be found by searching the internet

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