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Celebration of Love

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'CELEBRATION OF LOVE' is Mary O'Hara's third book

It is an anthology of Mary O'Hara's favourite poems, songs, prayers and prose excerts. Mary provides a personal introduction to the book, and to each section of the collection, which is illustrated with photographs and line drawings. The drawings in the book are by Brigid Marlin

The book was first published in the UK in September 1985 by Hodder and Stoughton and like her previous books, The Scent of the Roses and A Song for Ireland became a bestseller

Mary read selections from the book in her second series of ITV shows 'Mary O'Hara and Friends'. The series of seven weekly shows commenced on the 14th July 1985

The paperback edition of the book was published in November 1989 and coincided with the release of a new album from Mary, also entitled Celebration of Love. The book and album were promoted by Mary's international concert schedule, TV and radio appearances

"In my own life, happy memories predominate and I find little difficulty seeing life as one continuous manifestation of various aspects of love, however veiled it sometimes is. It is glimpses of these various aspects of love that I set out to bring together in this collection" - from Mary O'Hara's Preface to the book

'Celebration of Love' contains nine chapters, each exploring a different aspect of love: Love and Creation, Love and Laughter, Love and Art, Love and Place, Love and Romance, Love and Richard, Love and Separation, Love and God and Love and Friendship

LATEST BOOK FROM MARY: In May 2012 Mary O'Hara's new autobiography entitled 'Travels With My Harp - The Complete Autobiography' is published by Shepheard-Walwyn
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"Like everything Mary O'Hara does, this book has on it her special personal touch drawn from her own wide experience"

"Provides a unique insight into her own life and faith as well as drawing together a galaxy of authors"

"A book to savour and browse through at your leisure"

Above: the paperback edition

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