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Discography Part 1

Travels in recording


Left: Mary's first record release was a 45 rpm EP disc (containing four songs) released in 1956. The EP record was so successful that it was quickly followed by Mary's first album and her recording career was underway. Mary recorded extensively throughout her singing and harp playing career. Between 1956 and 1989 she recorded twenty albums, nine featuring her harp and voice alone, ten with additional orchestral accompaniments and one harp instrumental

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"When discussing a previous record by Mary O'Hara I said that she reminded me more than a little of Richard Hayward, which is praise indeed for any Irish folk or ballad singer. I still feel this beneficent influence in her new LP disc 'Love Songs of Ireland' (Beltona LBE20). Her voice is beautifully fresh, she uses it with a seeming artlessness which is really an art which conceals art, and nothing could be happier or more appropriate than her harp accompaniments. Particularly enchanting are 'I Know Where I'm Going', 'I Will Walk With My Love' and 'Beidh Aonach Amaireach'."

Love Songs of Ireland reviewed in the
Gramophone magazine August 1958 by W.A.Chislett

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Mary's harp arrangements as performed by her on the recordings on this webpage are now available in 5 volumes of her 'Travels With My Harp' music books. Click on image (left) for details

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