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The Scent of the Roses

Travels in books

'THE SCENT OF THE ROSES' is Mary's autobiography and her first book

On 14th October 1977 Mary appeared on the LWT Russell Harty Show and the overwhelming public response to this TV appearance led to a bidding war between publishers clamouring for an autobiography from Mary. She had returned to her singing career three years previously and was busy with concert tours, recordings and TV and radio work around the world but the publishers persisted and eventually Mary agreed to write the book

It was published by Michael Joseph in September 1980 in the UK and very quickly became a bestselling title, receiving excellent reviews. It was the National Book League's No. 1 Best Seller two weeks after its publication and also entered the Sunday Times bestseller list on 5th October 1980, reaching No. 2. The publication of the book was also accompanied by a new album from Mary also entitled The Scent of the Roses which was similarly released in many countries

In 1981 the book was published in paperback by Fontana and both hardback and paperback editions reached more than sixteen reprints. Book Club and large print editions followed and the book became one of the most loaned books from UK libraries

The book was also published in Australia, the USA and other countries and became an international bestseller

Mary gave permission for her autobiography to be adapted for the stage by Australian playwright John Misto and in 2003 the first production of 'Harp on the Willow' appeared in Sydney, Australia

LATEST BOOK FROM MARY: In May 2012 Mary O'Hara's new autobiography entitled 'Travels With My Harp - The Complete Autobiography' was published by Shepheard-Walwyn
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"She tells her moving and surprisingly uplifting story honestly and even amusingly... Her account of life in a nunnery is fascinating, her courage and faith are amazing" Graham Lord THE SUNDAY TIMES

"Written with great simplicity and directness" David Holloway THE DAILY TELEGRAPH

"an enchanting book" Rowanne Pascoe THE UNIVERSE

"Telling her story with dignity and an inner serenity, Mary O'Hara provides an insight into her unusual life and a deeply touching profile of her husband's vibrant personality" KENSINGTON POST

"This is a lovely book, so sad in places, yet shot through with bright Christian faith and hope and written in a style that in places partakes of the rare lyrical quality of Mary O'Hara's songs" O.S. Papp THE HARVESTER

"This is a strong but delicate story, full of absorbing interest and a very 'good read' indeed, one not to be missed. Many will love to read and reread it - an enriching experience. THE METHODIST RECORDER

"A moving autobiography... she writes with a clean simplicity which is as accomplished as her singing. Ms. O'Hara has applied her new found gift to the most intensely moving autobiography for many a year" John Paddy Browne THE IRISH POST

Above: the large print edition

Above: the paperback edition

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