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A Song for Ireland

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'A SONG FOR IRELAND' is Mary O'Hara's second book

It is an anthology of Mary's favourite Irish songs and includes Mary's personal recollections of her home country, her childhood, growing up, her first marriage, and singing career. Song lyrics and historical information are also included and the texts are illustrated with colour photographs

The book was first published in the UK in 1982 by Michael Joseph and like her previous book, The Scent of the Roses, became a bestseller in the UK and several other countries, including Ireland, Canada and Australia

The book was later published as a paperback in many countries including the USA

The book was accompanied by a new album from Mary also entitled A Song for Ireland. The book and album were promoted by Mary's international concert schedule, TV and radio appearances

"The Ireland I try and portray in this book is the Ireland of my songs, the songs form a cross section of what appeals to me in the Irish tradition" from Mary O'Hara's Introduction to the book

LATEST BOOK FROM MARY: In May 2012 Mary O'Hara's new autobiography entitled 'Travels With My Harp - The Complete Autobiography' is published by Shepheard-Walwyn
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"From Ireland's ambassadress of song comes this new and lovely book of the melodies which epitomize all that the singer finds to be inextricably bound up with the land of her birth... There is history here, mingled with folklore, personal recollection and story telling in a lovely pot-pourri, written by a lady who is as adept with the pen as she is with the lilting cadences of an Irish song" Tim Cromer CORK EXAMINER

"Ireland in aspic... Mary O'Hara's extraordinary and deserved popularity ensures the success of almost anything she does and, if this is not a contradiction in terms, this book would succeed on its own merit... text and her choice of songs confirm the sensitivity one has come to expect from this artist" CATHOLIC HERALD

"One of the most beautiful books designed for the Christmas trade... A beguiling mixture of autobiography and instruction about Irish music and legend" THE STAGE

"A body blow to the Celtic prejudices of any Briton... The lovely book is another reminder that in art and song the British Isles are a rich mine of treasure"

"Take the Emerald Isle, a charming singer, some haunting songs, some stunning photographs - and the result is A Song for Ireland. It is elegantly produced, with pictures to match each text. A book to sooth the fret of the world - full of peace and beauty" CHURCH TIMES

Mary's harp arrangements for many of the songs featured in the 'A Song for Ireland' book are now available in 5 volumes of her 'Travels With My Harp' music books. Click on image (left) for details.

During her career Mary used these arrangements to accompany her singing on her recordings, in concert and in her TV and radio performances

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