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Mary O'Hara - 40 Traditional Songs

Released in 2007 by H & H Music
40 Traditional Songs is the only compilation where Mary was asked to help plan and choose the track selection. This career retrospective contains tracks recorded from 1956 to 1983 and features both studio and live recordings

Above: Mary O'Hara practising at home (1977)

Above: Slide show of promotional posters for record releases

There have been countless Mary O'Hara compilations released through the years. The four titles on this page are considered to be the best

Click here for more details on 'Focus on Mary O'Hara', 'Mary O'Hara Sings', 'The Beautiful Music of Mary O'Hara' and other compilation releases

SONG: ‘Oro Mo Bhaidin’ from the Mary O'Hara album 'Songs of Ireland' (1958) was sampled by the American electropop band Passion Pit on their track ‘Sleepyhead’, a hit single released in 2008, fifty years after Mary’s original version of the song was released.
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Mary's harp arrangements as performed by her on the recordings on this webpage are now available in 5 volumes of her 'Travels With My Harp' music books. Click on image (left) for details

Click on logo (above) and enter Mary's name in the search box to explore Mary O'Hara listed in the British Library (18 pages)

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